The Concourse

Singapore | Office | 1994

This mixed-development comprises a 41-storey office tower, a three-level retail podium and nine storeys of service apartments. The three distinct components with their different usage have separate entrances. Approaching the city from the international airport, the tower stands out as a landmark for its distinctive silhouette when viewed across the Kallang River Basin. The most obvious architectural feature is the aluminium curtain wall system incorporating inclined windows which forms clusters of units. These interlocking clusters are stacked vertically, one above the other, rotating around the building.

The tower is octagonal in plan ( the number '8' in Chinese culture is associated with prosperity) and is supported by huge piloti. A five-storey atrium lobby greets the visitor and there are 14 sky-atriums within the tower, forming the reception lobbies for multi-national corporate organizations. The serviced apartment units in the lower block vary in size, and the facilities include a swimming pool, squash court and a fitness centre. Shops are arranged around another three-storey, sky-lit atrium in the retail podium.

The site was acquired in competition in the 1979 Urban Redevelopment Authority (8th) Sale of Sites. The project commenced in 1981 as the “Hong Fok Centre”. However construction stopped when the Singapore economy was hit by recession in the mid-1980’s. A61 and Paul Rudolph re-designed the complex in 1987, retaining what was already constructed but revamping the remainder in order to accommodate new programmatic requests.

In Collaboration with

Paul Rudolph Architects