SIA 63rd Council (2023-2024)

24 March 2023.

Architects 61’s Associate Principal Ooi Wen Chuen has been elected to join Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Council as a Council Member for the years 2023-2024, stepping up to contribute and to support the continuous improvement of the architectural community.

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A61 at T.A.S. and SUTDIO joint Career Fair 2023

24 February 2023.

Architects 61 was glad to be invited once again to the annual edition of Career Fair, jointly organized by The Architectural Society (NUS) and SUTDIO (SUTD). Post-pandemic, the session was held in person at NUS SDE 3 to a large audience of tertiary students, and focused on Architects 61's recently completed works.

Singtel Waterfront Theatre at IBEW 2022

5 September 2022.

Singtel Waterfront Theatre was selected as one of the exemplary local projects with notable efforts in environmental sustainability and DfMA adoption, to be part of IBEW 2022 learning journeys.

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A61 at T.A.S. and SUTDIO joint Career Fair 2022

26 February 2022.

Architects 61 was invited to join the online 2022 edition of Career Fair, jointly organized by The Architectural Society (NUS) and SUTDIO (SUTD). The session was held to a large audience of tertiary students, focused on Architects 61's completed and ongoing works, and a selection of design processes.

SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021 Seminar

SIA organised a seminar series featuring the sharing of the design philosophies and concept by the winning designs of the 20th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021. A61 presented NUS E7, for the session on Public Buildings Typologies.

A61 at T.A.S. and SUTDIO Career Fair 2021

20 February 2021.

Architects 61 was invited to join the 2021 edition of Career Fair, an event this year jointly organized by The Architectural Society (NUS) and SUTDIO (SUTD). The online session was held to an audience of more than 100 tertiary students, ranging from year 1 to 5, presenting a selection of Architects 61’s portfolio and examples form the design thinking process.

Archifest - Saving Global Heritage

2 October 2020.

Architects 61’s Associate Principal Un Wai Kay has been invited to join an esteemed panel of international experts to present their views and insights into heritage and conservation work from different parts of the world. Wai Kay will be sharing the Capitol journey, where it is possible to retain the original uses of buildings and heritage is sustained into the future.

This event is hosted by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in collaboration with the UK’s Department for International Trade and RIBA Singapore Chapter, as part of Singapore Archifest 2020.

BCA Panel Discussion 2020

Architects 61 was an invited panellist to discuss on the topic of ‘Creating an Enabling Ecosystem through Business Innovation’,
part of the BCA-REDAS jointly organized ‘Built Environment and Property Prospects Seminar 2020’.

Beach clean up

Architects 61 organised an in-house office beach clean-up event last September 2019 as part of our company’s small contribution in helping care for the environment. Architects 61 staff worked together to clean up a stretch of beach at Pasir Ris Park, and managed to collect 3 bags’ worth of plastics and wastes.

A61 features in SA Magazine

Architects 61 contributed to the Singapore Institute of Architects Magazine 'The Singapore Architect no.16 (Sep-Dec 2019) with two testimonials:
a tribute to I.M. Pei, and an insight on Agility in Architecture.

SIA Architectural Design Awards 2019 Seminar

SIA organised a 4-series seminar featuring the sharing of the design philosophies and concept by the winning designs of the 18th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2019. A61 presented Marina One, for the session on High-Rise Residential and Mixed Development Typologies.

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

The overaching objective of the project was to retain the dignity and beautify of the historic Mother church and her buildings. The term "noble simplicity" was upheld by retaining its use as a church, and creating a welcoming space for people from all walks of life.

Architects 61 donated the firm's full architectural consultancy services. The waived cost of the fees were redirected towards restoration works of the development. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd received the Architectural Heritage Awards for Restoration by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in 2017.

NUS Career Fair 2019

Architects 61 participated in the 2019 NUS career fair to bring academia and the industry platforms closer through sharing experience from the industry and what students can expect upon graduation.

A61 "In Conversation"

To inspire future generation of architects, Architects 61 regularly hosts groups of secondary and tertiary level students from both local and international schools. Practicing architects within the firm share their experiences with the students on The Architectural Profession.

BOA Seminar Panel 2018

The Board of Architects (BOA) organises annual seminars to engage members of the architectural industry. In 2018, the topic "Voices of the Younger Architects" addressed the future of the architectural profession. Architects 61 participated as one of the panellists to engage young architects in a conversation about the role of the future architect.

CUBE Student Workshop 2018 by URA

Challenge for the Urban & Built Environment (CUBE) is an annual workshop and competition for Junior College and Polytechnic students organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore. Architects 61 aims to inspire future generation of architects through support of this event.

The Architects League Build 2018

Architects 61 supported and participated in the Architects Build 2018 as part of the EPIC Homes programme. The program is designed to develop support networks by bringing together rural and urban folk in Malaysia through the act of building homes, leading to the development of cooperative, resilient and sustainable communities.

Organized and led by 30 young architects and members of the built industry from Singapore, the team began and completed the construction of a 6-module home for a young family of 5 in Kg OA Serendah over a span of 3 days.

NKF Riding 4 Hope

A61's CEO, Ar. Micheal Ngu, together with 3 other friends, embarked on a 16-day, 1,600km cycling trip through the United Kingdom in July 2017 to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). Michael completed his journey on the handcycle, which is powered by his arms.